2019 Tennessee Sports Writers Association Division II Class 2A All-State Team

QB – Nick Semptimphelter, Battle Ground Academy, Sr.
QB – Cooper Riggs, Grace Christian Academy-Knoxville, Jr.
RB – Jamichael Baxter, Chattanooga Christian, Jr.
RB – Jeffrey Watkins, Notre Dame, Sr.

WR – Jalen Geer, Grace Christian Academy-Knoxville, Sr.
WR – Issac Smith, St. George’s, Sr. 
WR – Kyle McNamara, Lipscomb Academy, Sr.
OL – Dietrick Pennington, Evangelical Christian School, Jr. 
OL – Jacob Brigman, Notre Dame, Sr.
OL – Jarrett Mathews, Christ Presbyterian Academy, Sr.
OL – Jackson Bradley, Webb School-Knoxville, Jr. 
OL – David Enoch, Christ Presbyterian Academy, Jr.
ATH – Caleb Curcio, Grace Christian Academy, Jr.
K – Zander Tonkin, Christian Academy of Knoxville, Sr.

DL – Hamilton Chadwell, Boyd-Buchanan, Sr.
DL – Treveon Scott, Chattanooga Christian, Jr. 
DL – Garrett Staley, Grace Christian, Jr. 
DL – Luc Nadaud, Webb School-Knoxville, Sr. 
LB – Max Smith, Christian Academy of Knoxville, Sr.
LB – Austin Hill, Evangelical Christian, Sr.
LB – Dee Hinton, Chattanooga Christian, Sr.
LB – Langston Patterson, Christ Presbyterian Academy, So.
DB – Eli Evans, Boyd-Buchanan, Sr.
DB – Preston Edmondson, Boyd-Buchanan, Sr. 
DB – Carson Gagnon, Evangelical Christian, Sr.
DB – Antonio Stevens, Battle Ground Academy, Sr.
ATH – Eli Morris, Boyd-Buchanan, Jr.
P – Jack Norris, Franklin Road Academy, Jr.

*BOLD indicates that the athlete plays for a school that SETN Preps Podcast covers*

You can find the Tennessee Sports Writers Association website here

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